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    Cross Guild rules on MYRP forums.


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    Cross Guild rules on MYRP forums. Empty Cross Guild rules on MYRP forums.

    Post by DoWhileGeek on Tue Oct 20, 2009 9:28 am

    Since me and Dustin Critou came up with the idea for guild support I thought an extra rule-set for whole guilds to follow as a whole when they interact with other guilds on MYRP forums. I'm sure I'll be updating it over time but I just want to get a few basic things out there.

    In everything you do, act like your representing your guild.
    Because you are! Like in American Government, the leadership has a loud voice. But so does its people! When you finish writing something, before posting think to yourself, "Am I honoring my guild, or defaming it with this post." Because when you act a fool people look at the guild you belong to the same way.

    TOR is not a single faction game!
    And neither is our guild section. While I guarantee you will all have feelings toward the other faction in this forum, don't start flaming at each other it will not resolve anything, only make problems for a lot of people!

    Guild vs. Guild
    Just because you shouldn't flame, doesn't mean you can't rp it out. We are currently working out ideas on how a cross faction, multi-guild, pvp rp could work.

    Thats all for now, I'm sure I'll add more in the time to come as we begin this social experiment.

    as always Jacen Handa/Interius/myrp retains the right to add, modify, update, remove or change rules as he sees fit. He will let you know if he does it, though.

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