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    Binary Dream: New Caprica City


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    Binary Dream: New Caprica City Empty Binary Dream: New Caprica City

    Post by DoWhileGeek on Sat Jun 05, 2010 11:23 pm

    This is the ic thread of Binary Dream: New Caprica City. Click Here for the ooc thread.

    The Gamer Paper
    Saturday, January 25th, 2025
    Machina Inc. Purchases rights to Caprica concepts.
    After sealing the deal with Syfy last week over the rights to the 2010 tv show, Caprica, Machina Inc. officially announced their intentions about it.
    "All of the original members of the company used to watch this great show. We were all incredibly excited when we came up with the idea of adding 'New Caprica City' as one of our many realms to our VR lineup..." Says Rob Orison, CEO of Machina Inc.

    He continued later in the press release that the realm would come online on May 19th. I know at least a few people are somewhat excited for the coming insanity that is New Caprica City.

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