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    Azno's troubled past

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    Azno's troubled past Empty Azno's troubled past

    Post by Azno Chozulo on Tue Oct 20, 2009 9:10 pm

    14 years before the sacking of Coresant, there
    was a raid and rescue mission on an underground facility to rescue
    children from laboratory experiments to make them into super soldiers.
    The facility was in the sewers of Coresant. Leading the mission was a
    young squad leader in the marines named Marietta Artegu aka Maria. It
    was a group of twenty, one group was an assault crew of 14 and the
    other was a stealth crew of 6, and Maria leading. At the entrance of
    the facility was the corpses of dead children. Then Maria said "This
    maybe disgusting but we need to rescue the children from this torturous
    place. Also remember what the commander wanted most before he died. He
    wanted these kids to be saved. We are not just doing this for the
    Commander we are also doing this for the kids. Assault crew stay put
    and stealth crew your with me, any last words." and one of the assault
    crew said "But Madam do we have to stay here. With these corpses." and
    Maria said "Yes you have to, cause there might be worse things in the
    facility and I want you guys prepared for anything, plus I don't think
    there will be a lot of people will come back here. to look at dead
    bodies." After the stealth crew went through the main lobby of the
    place they found holding cells. With in them was failed experiments and
    mutants in cages. Maria looked into Two empty yet recently opened
    cells, she used her com link to report what she saw "Found some of the
    kids, leaving a tracker for you. Be warned, if you thought what you saw
    before was wrong, think again. Then as the stealth group went deeper in
    they heard something and got into position. At the end the of the hall
    way a four year old boy covered in blood came out a door. One of Maria
    guards said "Boy get over here." As the boy looked to his left at the
    guard he then looked back behind him in fear, then ducked and rolled.
    The young boy avoided blaster fire from an unknown personell. Then
    Maria and her group moved into attack position as the boy ran into a
    room in between them. Then unknown assailant came around the corner and
    yelled "Come out, come out where ever you are. I won't kill you
    I'll..(Bang)....just." The man fell after being shot in the jugalor
    vain and Maria was the one who shot him. She then went into the room
    with her crew to check on the small boy to notice few scars and a tatoo
    on him. The scar was a tilted cross on his right chest and the tatoo on
    his left arm said A N Z 0(zero). She then asked the boy to calm down as
    she pulled out some food, then said "Don't worry you won't be a victem
    of this place any longer." The boy then said two small words "But OPA."
    Maria then wondered OPA(It was a topic over this whole investigation)
    She then looked into the boys eyes and said "Boy I need to know what
    this OPA is okay." The boy then pointed behind the rest of the crew at
    the end of another hallway what looked to be a small girl about his age
    hidden in darkness stairing straite at them. the girl then walked up
    slowly with a smile. The girl then said "So this is were you are silly.
    I've been looking everywhere for you after what happened to father."
    The group then was left questioning cause of many facts. The girl had
    scarlet red hair with what looked like green highlights, She could
    speak so well for her age, the boy knew some combat, and blood all over
    him yet few scars. Maria then asked the assault crew to come forward
    and guard the kids. Maria and the stealth crew then went to the
    labritory and saw 4 dead guards and what looked like a docter. The
    docter then tried getting up but couldn't, in a cynial voice the docter
    laughed and said "I've created the ultimite weapons. One of knowledge,
    and one of combat." then the docter died slowly laughing. Hours later
    after the group was out of the sewers and at the Coresant Naval base
    the boy and the girl sat at a bench waiting for the other to come out
    of the room behind from their dicusion their admiral. Then Maria and
    the Guard from before came out with helmets unequiped. The Guard then
    said "High boy my name is Jack, Jack Chozulo and me and Maria are going
    to look after you from now on. We are going to Dantooine to help with
    their militia, it seems to be a good place for a kid to grow up cause
    that is were I did. I'm sorry for you friend here she will be looked
    after by someone else. As the boy got up Jack said "Do you have a name
    fella." the boy shook his head and Jack said "Then lets call you Azno."
    Maria, Jack, and Azno then left the room......

    ~To be continued~

    Age 8

    year??? month 1 day 15

    It has been 4 years since my salvation. Recently I have gotten a
    job as a farmer and the story gets harder from there. I haven't semm
    Opa since that day I left in the shuttle to this big village in
    Dantooine. The farmer gave me a Vibro sword to protect the animals from
    vinrath and kath hounds but the farmer also didn't give clues to what
    was odd about his farm and why his house is a Mansion thats almost big
    anuff to be a facility. The farmer has guards outside of his home and
    every once in a while and Odd cloaked guys comes by and I'm going to
    figure out why and where he goes.


    Age 8

    year??? month 1 day 17

    I was around the farm looking for a lost creature from the heard
    and felt and heard something weird it was odd cause it was the first
    time that happened to me. I then went to the guard and told him what
    happened and he said he didn't here anything. At first I thought it was
    odd. I then went to the my boss Oazak Norm(The Farmer) I told him what
    happened and he gave me an odd look and told me to get back to work. So
    I went back to the place where I heard the strange sound and I could
    feel something was there but there was nothing. It was just a prairee
    with a heard of live stock out there.

    Age 8

    year??? Month 1 day 30

    I don't remember how many times I've been to that place but I also
    can't remember ever using my sword either. I went up the guard I've
    been talking to on brake and I asked him to train me with my sword but
    he said he couldn't cause he wasn't trained with swords but he had one
    on him. So I went on my duties for the rest of the day.

    Age 8

    year??? Month 2 day 12

    I have been on my job but I have kept the my heard at that place
    and I can't seem to no why I'm attracted to it. For some reason it is
    here but I still haven't seen anything. I want to know how to fight and
    I also want to know why I am attracted here. I haven't seen that
    cloaked guy anywhere and I believe he had a reason to be at that
    facility so I'm coming here to night and I'm going to wait here until
    he shows if not I'll sleep in the tool room at the farm mansion.

    Age 8

    year??? Month 2 day 13 1:00a.m

    The odd guy still hasn't showed and I'm getting to worked up about
    this. I need to know now I have to many questions that need to be
    solved and I'm getting mad about this.

    Age 8

    year??? Month 2 day 14 12:00p.m.

    I woke up to the farmer talking to the guard above me saying
    something but I couldn't remember what he said. Just after I got up off
    the floor, I heard it again and it was much stronger even the feeling
    was stronger. My head was pounding so hard I clutch my head as hard as
    could ever do. I needed to know now better than ever. Then Oazak got on
    a chat line with visual and the conversation went like this.

    Oazak"I think it's time."

    ???"Are you sure."

    Oazak"The boy has it and it's to powerful for him."

    ???"Are you for sure."

    Oazak"Don't Question me, He sences the cave and stands over every chance he can get and it's hurting him."

    ???"Are you sure he is ready though."

    Oazak"YES DAMMIT, if not the boy might fall or die because of it. THE BOY NEEDS THE TRAINING NOW."

    Then Oazak Gave me a check better than what I have ever gotten
    3,000,000,000 credits on my pay check I usually got about 300 credits
    and for some reason he looked at me and said "Follow." I followed him
    into the ellevator. He pressed 817 on the buttons and a new keyboard
    and scanning system came up. He typed in something as he got scanned.
    then the elevator went down and he said "You better relax it will be a
    while." I don't know why he said that cause the elevator stopped and
    the door opened and a lot more people were down here. Oazak then told
    me to sit in the lounge. I waited for nearly an hour before a couple of
    what looked like medics showed up. They asked me about my markings and
    they asked about anything strange been happening and I told them. Then
    they left and another person came up and he looked like another
    militant and he ask me questions about what he had in a room, what he
    had in his left pocket and then he a picture viewer and made me guess
    what he was looking at. After that he left and another houer later a
    lady came up dressed in what looked to be a hooded ritual clothing and
    she asked me to follow her I did and it was a long walk and it seemed
    to long to be the mansion she open a door and said"This will be your
    quarters from now on and you can not see your parents or anyone else
    from now on. Plus we will notify your parents about this." I fell to my
    knees then on my gut to the cold hard metal surfase as I broke down
    metally. I did not cry but I wanted to so badly.

    Age 8

    year??? month 2 day 15

    I woke in the same spot that I fell last night and I haven't moved
    since. It has been two hours since I woke but I can't seem to get it to
    my to myself to get up. It hurts inside and that sound and feeling is
    getting more powerfull since I have been here. I feel weak and useless
    right now and I'm not sure if I actually wanted to know in the first


    Age 8

    year??? month 2 day 18

    It has been three days since I first start training. For my age and

    size they told me to get a shortsaber. I did but it's a training saber.

    It cause no damage to the body just pain. I know cause on my first day

    I had to spar against a senior student here at the Dantooine Academy

    and I lost. The other masters said I had potential but didn't have any

    training before hand. They next thing they did was teaching me the

    basics of the force, I failed yet again. I felt like such an idiot. The

    next day they showed me combat techniques of Shii-Cho and said once I

    master the basics of it I would be able to learn another. I have been

    training constantly ever since. The masters said I have progressed a

    lot in a few days and soon I'l be able to learn more of the force.


    (The next part of the story is a master's report of one of his students.)

    I have been watching the new recruits train since they have come here.

    One in peticular has trained non-stop and has excelled quickly. To

    quick to even be human of his age to do so. He has not only mastered

    the Basics of shii-cho but has also mastered the basics of makashi,

    soresu, and ataru. He has learned to grasp the force with only a week

    of combat and now he knows force push and pull, force jump, and force

    run. We will soon teach him of force protection or healing, it is his

    choice. He has also did good on his studies for his young age. It has

    only been six months since he started his training and I believe he can

    stand up to our greatest senior student here at the academy and I think

    it is time to raise him to one of the higher classes to hasten him down

    a bit but I fear that would also make him excell quicker.

    -Reinken Venko


    Age 16

    year ??? month 4 day 15

    The Dantooine council has deciced it is time for me to graduate and
    thus they are sending me to the caves to get my next crystals. I have
    completey mastered Shii-Cho and excelled in Ataru, Makashi, and Soreru.
    That and I have learned a lot through the force. After I get my
    crystals I'll be able to go to Coresant and get training as a Padawan.
    I hope that all goes well.

    Age 16

    year ??? month 4 day 16

    I have gotten all the force crystals that I needed. They told me to
    get yellow so I did plus I found an Opila Crystal. It's a good thing I
    read up on crystals while in the academy. I'm now heading back to the
    council chambers so I get to where I need to be.

    Age 16

    year ??? month 5 day 27

    The past few weeks have been horrible. It is a long story so sit down
    and prepare for it. After I got my crystals the counsel told me that I
    would be not only graduating on Coresant but I would also be get a new
    master there. They told me that my choice in the crystal i picked up
    was good for my soon future but I didn't know what they ment till now.

    On the way to Coresant on the shuttle Harpoon 4 the other Jedi
    Masters told me that I had a role in the galaxy and it was more of
    there cryptic ways that got me to think. I didn't know much about my
    life before age 5 but I remember some dark things but I wasn't sure if
    those were my memories. The way there was mostly quiet I barely talked
    and watched the pilots fly the shuttle. I was thinking how or what I
    would become after graduation. I was wondering what my role was but.
    all I could sense was trouble in the near future. I didn't know what
    but It had to be something.

    As we entered Coresants orbit the other Jedi Masters told me how it
    was like for them to graduate paths I should take where to go in the
    Jedi Temple on Coresant. They also gave me a new light saber with no
    crystals in it so I knew I had to get some later.

    When we landed at the Temple I was greeted by other Jedi there
    including another student that was about to graduate and she had red
    hair and it seemed so vaguely familiar but I couldn't remember where. I
    noticed she had a double bladed lightsaber but still I had many things
    on my mind so I asked if any of them knew where the mediation chambers
    where and I was told.

    Hours later I was still meditating when a guy with short brown hair
    entered and he said "So you're Azno, am I correct." I replied with a
    yes and he said "So I've heard a lot about you and how you trained on
    Dantooine. My name is Mako Reoin and I have been assigned to be your
    master after you graduate. I already presume that you know the Jedi
    code." and I said "I do know the Jedi code but I haven't been trained
    under it. I also expected you would be my master when you said you knew
    a few things about me." He then replied with "Oh you are a bright one I
    see but you are still in need of more training, I will let you be back
    to your meditating my future Padawan.

    At the Graduation I was assigned to being Mako Reoin's Padawan and
    I was at peace for once but it wouldn't last long. Three days later a
    lady kept coming back and forth to the Jedi Temple wanting to see her
    child. It wasn't Mother Maria but I knew it had to be someones here. I
    looked into it but found little and they were all cryptic speech.

    Three day after that I was in the Library when I felt something
    dark coming, I didn't know what it was but it was like the feeling I
    had on Dantooine. All of a sudden I heard a crash I ran to see what it
    was then I saw my master in the hallway he yelled "Run my Padawan with
    the other Graduate all of a sudden A sith with a long saber stabbed my
    Master, I was shocked and so I ran back to the room and jumped out the
    window. I landed on another platform and kept on jumping to places that
    was close but was heading down till I got to ground lv. I saw that
    mother again and she saw me. I grabbed her arm and and told her to
    follow and she did.

    I grabbed a shuttle and flew off with her. She was in shock and
    crying. She kept saying "Oh my poor son why did this have to happen,
    Why?" I kept trying to calm her down but nothing helped. The shuttles
    Hyper Drive was slightly damaged so we had to fly at a pattern of hyper
    space to basic speed the hole way to another safe place. She finally
    calmed down and I asked her who she was and she replied with "I am a
    mother of an orphaned child. That child was taken in by the Jedi order,
    and that child's name is Gaiutus Balthar. My name is unimportant Jedi."
    I then told her that I was a Padawan without a master and I could
    transport her to any place she chose and she chose Dantooine. I took
    her there but I was told through the force to go to Alderaan by an
    unknown person so I took off for Alderann after dropping her off.


    Later I woke up in Alderaan's orbit do to someone trying to contact
    me through the comlink, It was one of the jedi masters from Corusant
    who greeted me a few days before the Graduation. He said he was
    bringing me in with a tractor beam. He then warned me to prepare myself
    cause they where about to go into hyper space. seconds before taking
    off I was nearly in the ship and my shuttle bounced around on the
    inside of their ship. I later woke up on the ceiling of my vessel with
    a trooper in white armor with green markings on his armor asking me if
    I was alright. I said I was fine.

    As I got up, I knew that I was less than fine and I needed
    immediate medical attention I walked to the back entrance of my vessel
    and open the door and as I got out there were people looking at me in
    wonder. At that moment I passed out.

    I later woke in medical with a few jedi around me. They asked me my
    name and I told them. Then they asked me what happened and a student
    around my age got stubborn and asked me to tell them immediately. I
    told them part of the story before passing out yet again.(I didn't tell
    how I escaped from the jedi temple.) I later woke up to the docter next
    to me. He said It was a suprise to see me up cause I was out for hours
    and that there was another jedi on board. He then told me that the
    other jedi would like to speak with me when I awoke. They came and I
    noticed my twin sabers were gone. I got up put on my cloths and walked
    out of medical passing them before they could say a word.

    I got me something to eat and the cafeteria guy gave me my sabers.
    Over the comlinks it said we were about ready to land on Corusant. I
    than ran to the shuttle bay and jumped out sky diving, a thousand feet
    above the ruins of Corusant.

    To be Continued.

    As I fell I noticed a group of Sith that was
    about to ambush an injured group of republic soldiers. 100 ft above the
    Sith I lauched a powerful controlled force wave and used it on them and
    to slow myself for a soft landing.

    As I went up to the group of injured soldiers one laughed
    diabolically. He walked up to me and lowered his disguise field and it
    was another group of sith. And one was a dark jedi. He ignited his
    sabers as I ignited my dual sabers. For some reason I couldn't figure
    out why my graduation saber was gone and I notice the Dark jedi had it
    and he had a red crystal in it. I then attacked the Sith spy and slew
    him with one swipe.

    The Dark Jedi then replied with "Now why do you gotta kill my men.
    Don't forget I killed your other graduates all but that girl and you."
    Out of anger I activated all grenades on the sith troopers and they
    blew to pieces and there armor acted as shrapnel on the dark jedi
    injuring him. The battle between me and the Dark jedi lasted for hours
    until troopers arrived and he fled dropping my sabers saying he was off
    for the temple ruins and if I still wanted to battle we would do it

    I then rested as the ship and it's jedi came down to help the
    civilians of Corusant. It was the 2 masters and three apprentices. The
    young boy ran off towards the suburbs and one master said "darn that
    boy his master ran off and now does he." I than asked the master what
    the boys name was and he replied with "Giautus Balthar" and I was
    shocked, the boy that the mother asked me to find just ran off. I had
    the choice to either chase him down or go to the temple and face my
    opponet. Since they were in the same path I chose to go after both.

    Soon I found myself in what looked like the ruins of the refugee
    sector and saw what looked like a smuggler cleary high on spice or had
    a little to much juma juice. I asked him his name and he replied with
    "Imea dat man who takes odors from herself. Yurd a sith Ia just now
    it." Starting to yell he then said "Where is Darth Sanders, I'll kill
    him." He then drew out his vibro sword.

    I clearly knew that this guy was clearly delusional and need to be
    detained immediately or temporarily knock out so I knocked him out with
    a small force ball to the face. Right before passing out he said "I amz
    the gret John Thorn anz I can do magical things.(He then started
    breathing in and out heavily flapping his arms up and down.) I can do
    transcorn intu a dragon and my girl to my left iz my girzfriend.
    LOLarmy unite." He then passed out and I was shocked yet again.

    I then went after the boy.


    When I left the ruins of the refugee sector I
    saw Gai kneeling down to a dead corpse in the preserved civilian center
    and I ran up to him and noticed on the dead guards tags that they had
    the same last name. I told the young boy "There should be peace even a
    dead guy deserves that. Now you should keep that in mind cause I know I
    have failed." Then I told him to go to the other masters as I ran to
    the Temple.

    When I got to the temple I sensed a dark presence lurking but
    couldn't tell if it was the young Dark Jedi. Our lightsabers then
    ignited and we classed our selves at each other. The battle lasted
    another 30 min when I finally cut him into fourths. One swipe
    horizontally from the hips and another from the the left shoulder to
    his right thigh.

    I then cooled down and noticed all the Jedi that have been slain. I
    was in sadness. When I found my master's corpse I noticed that he was
    slain with an impalement. I was heart broken. I lost everything even
    myself in the battle. I then looked at all the other grads and they
    were all grouped together as if they they died united.

    While I was looking at the corpses I noticed a faint hint of the
    darkside still lurking. I turned around and the presence strengthened
    10 fold. As I got completely turned around I got hit with a massive
    force wave that sent me flying back into rubble. I got up in pain and
    tried to ignite my sabers but as I did they broke into pieces. I looked
    up and there was a Sith Knight in front of me and at that moment he
    force choked me and I soon passed out.

    I later woke up in what looked like a ship wearing a white prison
    uniform. The next second I noticed I was in what looked like a machine.
    I knew it was something bad and the last thing I remember was light.


    It felt like mere seconds since I saw the light
    but I was in a different place. I somehow knew I was in a darker place.
    I looked on the nearest command console and noticed the language was
    different but i somehow knew it. It was weird cause I never read out of
    this language but I knew it. I checked the date and time on the machine
    and it said 30 years later. I was in a new place, a new time, and I
    somehow knew a language that I never knew.

    I was flipping out grabbing my head screaming. At that moment I
    looked like a mad man. until a scientist came up and told me that I was
    cryogenicly frozen in carbonate. I was mad. I lost everything. My life
    my, my master, my friends, and my family.

    I then lost myself and found myself after killing the scientist
    with a dark technique of the Sith. Guards came and tried to detain me
    but I was ticked.The first guard that came after me I though over the
    edge of the bunker. leaving him to a deathly fall. The next guard
    carried a vibro sword which I stole from him with the force and I
    cleaved his head off soon after. I was pissed. I soon took out three
    other guards before the former Sith Knight came and detain me with his
    strength in the darkside.

    I tried fighting it but I was much weaker. He then had me hanging
    and choking over the high drop off. but said "Will you just couperate."
    and I said "Never not after what you did." He then rag doll tossed me
    into the floor he was on. I asked what his name was. and he told me it
    was Gildroy Nekt. I wanted to kill him at the very moment but I
    couldn't. He left with me lying and beaten on the floor.

    I woke up days later in the same spot. I had a chance to escape.
    The main doors where open. So I ran as stealthfully as I could but the
    guards somehow knew of my position and was shot with a gun set on
    wound. I fell to the ground after I was shot bleeding on the floor
    trying not to show weakness.

    I medical droid some came to me quick and stitched me up. I was this
    places inmate and they wasn't going to let me live if I escaped. I soon
    ran to a command console and tried hacking there system.

    Hours later I succeeded I erased my records here and had me soon to
    be transferred to a different facility by shuttle. In the shuttle at
    take off I noticed they only had 2 guards and 2 pilots. They put me in
    a force cage where only my force power had control. as each time the
    guards traded shifts I noticed they all ways carried blasters.

    Finally as I meditated to recollect myself I came up with a plan.
    So I followed the plan just right before one guard left the room I used
    the force to take his blaster away without him noticing. I put it in
    the vent shaft. and when the second Guard came in I waited till the
    other one came back and wait. Right as he turned his back I used the
    force to shut off the force cage, I grabbed the pistol and stealthfully
    knocked him out. as he slept I snapped his neck.

    I then stuffed his body in the garbage removal and walked out as
    my I meen his turn ended. I followed the other Sith soldier to the
    containment room and gave him a blaster bolt to the back of his head. I
    went up to the two pilots and shot both of them multiple times to death
    and flew the ship to Dantooine where I could recollect my former self.


    As I entered Dantooine's Orbit the back of my
    ship was shot buy a Republic Cruiser. My engines failed but the wings
    were still intact and I glided til I got closer near the ground but now
    I was about to crash land again.

    I woke up to republic soldiers in full armor with blasters. They
    asked me "Whats a Sith doing on Dantooine and how did you survive that
    crash." I told them part of my story before they quickly left the room.
    I got to the part after childhood right before becoming a Jedi trainee.

    They came back with an old man the old man then said "Son please take
    off your shirt." I followed the old man's wishes. Suddenly after doing
    so his mouth dropped like he was someone I knew. He then said as he
    hugged me "Where have been all his time and how did you remain so
    young." I was a little shocked and confused but the old man then backed
    off and said "Sorry for the confusion but do you remember me at all." I
    then said no and he said "I'm your father. Well not your birth parent.
    I'm Jack Chozulo. Do you remember me now." My eyes opened up quicker
    than light speed. I was suprised and then I passed out again.

    I woke up and noticed another person with me and one off the
    troopers with his helmet off. The other person was an old lady with red
    hair and I noticed it was Maria. I said "Oh my god is that you
    Marietta." quietly and she said "Yes Azno it's me and it has been a
    long time." she the told the trooper to step forward and say something.
    I noticed the trooper had red hair like Maria's and Dark skin like
    Jack's. He then said "I am Benson your younger or should I say older
    brother." I noticed Benson was in his late 20's and was a major in the
    Dantooine militia.

    I then got up out of the medical bed and I went to the front door
    and noticed the old small town I once lived in was now a small city. I
    went to the place that was my old job and it was an embassy building. I
    went in and said to the secretary if the place was still here and she
    said "No it is not It was taken out years ago right after the attack on
    Corusant." I then went to the place where I first found the force right
    above the crystal cave and noticed a small entrance. It was now a place
    of horror to many people cause illusion kept popping up. I went in and

    Weeks later as I trained, a Jedi Master entered and asked me to
    join a in the Kobal militia to be one of the last lines of defense for
    Dantooine. I said "I might but not now I have went through a lot
    recen...tly and I must regain myself." He left saying his name "Gaiutus

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