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    Wolf's Rain- Playthrough 1

    Dustin Critou
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    Wolf's Rain- Playthrough 1 Empty Wolf's Rain- Playthrough 1

    Post by Dustin Critou on Wed Oct 21, 2009 7:54 pm

    ((The current scene is Freeze City. A hive of crimes, and not all that comftorable due to the large holes and cracks in the dome. Orkum's keep jutts jaggedly out of the ground, breaching the dome's top, with radiating districts around it. Closest is the business ring, then comes the trade ring, and finally the living ring next to the dome walls. The dome walls themselves are massive, rising at least one hundred feet into the air. In the past, this was necessary, when the war between wolves and humans raged, nearly 200 years ago. It didnt help humans all that much. Wolves would just jump over. But that still didnt stop the humans from winning, and nearly making wolves extinct. Very few were left now, and they survived only by hiding their true form from humans, and the humans continued to ruin the world in their arrogance.

    Again, due to the plot, this RP can just be restarted over and over and over. I'll do it all times, but I know others wont, so it allows the other members to get a shot at the primary characters. I'm sure once it gets going you'll be interested ^^))
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    Wolf's Rain- Playthrough 1 Empty Re: Wolf's Rain- Playthrough 1

    Post by Azno Chozulo on Fri Jan 22, 2010 7:47 pm

    Hige was walking through the market district using his nose to find food. He was hungry, starving, and fatigued do to malnutrition! He bumped into a merchant and stole 2 bread loaves off of him. "Dang is this the only thing to eat around here and where is there something to do." Whining to himself in the middle of public.

    An old women walked up to him as he was eating one of the bread loaves and he looked at her in a calm look with his eyes opened all the way. She asked for the other loaf and Hige let out a big complaining yawn and said "Here you go miss!"

    Crime was everywhere in the area he was in, most of it was pick pocketing and other theft!

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