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    Post by DoWhileGeek on Mon Jul 26, 2010 12:47 am

    Vincent sat in front of his ancient monitor in the far corner of his room, lights off, playing a game with all 24 of his online friends. "Okay guys, all we have left to take down is Arthas and we'll beat Ice Crown citidel!" He heard from his surprisingly upscale muffin-cup headset. It was his raid leader, the guy leading the group through an mmo.

    Just as the voice had predicted just around the corner was Arthas, The last boss. They all ran at the evil character, the voice gave commands to the group. Things were going well enough, few people had died when all of a sudden...*bloop*, the screen went black. He looked toward his huge computer with a large window in the center. The regular blue lights illuminating the box were replaced with a flurry of sparks. Vincent put his face in his open hands and shook his head. "guess I shouldn't have overclocked that much." he said.

    He tossed his expensive headset on the crappily put together Ikea desk and threw himself on his bed. He was mad. Mad because he knew the voice, '1337tank' would kick him from his group. It wouldn't matter that it wasn't his fault. No, it was his fault, if only he had better gear none of this would have happened. He turned his head to the alarm clock next to him: 3:23 am. He turned over and fell asleep almost instantly.

    The next day he set out on a trek to the library to try and contact his group leader. 6 miles via road. 2 as the crow flies, through the forest. He tried walking as fast as he could, the less time outside in the frigid air of northern New York, the better. He was about halfway through his journey when he heard a noise. It was undefinable, yet undeniable. It was an odd noise, imagine a large dog choking on a large object....

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