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    Elemental Wolf (take 2)


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    Elemental Wolf (take 2) Empty Elemental Wolf (take 2)

    Post by Claire on Mon Apr 25, 2011 1:46 pm

    Kala, Salvia, Ethric, and Odoziril decided to break free from the cruelty and harshness of Damien's Pack. Ready to start their own pack they find a perfect location and start the hunting process. The outskirts were riddled with traps, Kala experienced that first hand, but the group looked at this as an advantage, because Damien’s men did not know of them, so they would get a forewarning if they were ever discovered. The pack is training their weak points to get stronger and increase their chances of survival, and they will welcome new wolves. On the way back from training Salvia, Ethric spotted a wolf named Marrok who wishes to join the pack. Unknown to any of the wolves, Marrok is a human with the ability to shape shift, sent by the humans to investigate the consistent attacks on the humans in the forest. Marrok believes that this is the group responsible, yet it is Damien’s pack. ((Msg me with any questions.))

    Alpha Male :
    Alpha Female : Kala
    Beta : Salvia
    Others: Ethric and Odozoril
    Pup Watchers:
    Pups :
    Omega :

    Most Recent Relevant Post :
    Ethric : Salvia and I approached the clearing where we slept at last night. As I entered the area I could smell a new wolf, one that I have never known. I immediately turned to Salvia.

    “Stay hidden in the woods.” I strictly told her. She backed up a bit and stayed low. She still had the rabbit with her. Is it possible that Damian’s pack found us? Or is this just a solo wolf? I moved further out. If this was a trap, I’d prefer to spring it and let Salvia get away. I looked around looking for anything out of the ordinary. I couldn’t spot anything. I signaled for Salvia to come out of hiding. She trotted over and put the rabbit down. She looked around a bit.

    “Who’s that?”

    “You mean the one we can smell?”

    “No, he’s up on the hill.” I looked up to where she was looking and sure enough there was a wolf near the top lying there looking at us. How did I not see him? He stood up and started towards up. I didn’t knowd his intentions, weather they were good or bad.

    “Salvia, if I tell you to run. You run.”


    “In case you’re in danger. You run and find the others and tell them not to come back here.”

    “What about you?” She asked me in a concerned voice. Was nice for once to hear that someone cared about me.

    “If I have to tell you to run, you’ll likely never see me again.” I readied myself for whatever would happen when this wolf approached us.

    Marrok : After nearly waiting full day, a wolf finally showed up at the area. He seemed to have noticed right away that I was there and acted cautiously. I laid there watching him, wondering what he would do next. There was only one so maybe this was a lone wolf and not part of the pack, though I seemed to be wrong since shortly after a female wolf came out of the forest with a rabbit in her mouth. I assumed it was his mate. As she walked out she looked at me and didn’t look away. I guess now would be the time to go introduce myself. I stood up and made my way to them.

    As I approached I noticed that the male was old and rugged. His fur was a bit of a mess, and it looked like he had been in a fight recently. He seemed tense, probably from my presence. I looked over at the female wolf and removed the idea from my head that this wolf was his mate. She was very young and very beautiful for a wolf. Her fur was clean and elegant. Her eyes were fixed on me. I wouldn’t say there was a look of lust or love in them. It was more like overwhelming curiosity.

    “What is your purpose being here?” The male asked suddenly. His voice sounded like he was in control but also that he didn’t like me.

    “I heard about your pack and with to join. I am willing to pull my fair share of the work and do an….” The old one cut me off.

    “I am not the one to allow you into our pack. That would be the Alpha.”

    “Of course I understand. Well perhaps you could put in a good word for me.”

    “Perhaps, though I don’t know you or what your true purpose is here. What pack were you in last before you came here.”

    “Trallin’s pack.” I said making up a name. This would not be the first time I have attempted to enter a wolf pack. I’ve tried it once while I was just messing around in this form when I ran across a pack and instead of having them rip me apart I convinced them that I wanted to join them. “We were separated and I searched for them for a couple of months but ad no luck in finding them. So I decided to move on, when I came across this area.” The old one looked at me suspiciously.

    “Alright we will wait for the others to get back, then we can decide weather you can stay or not.” He went over to the river to get a drink. I looked over at the female.

    “May I ask what your name is?”


    “A beautiful name for a beautiful wolf.” Though just as I said that the old one jumped up and stood between the two of us.

    “I never gave you permission to speak to her.” He boomed. “Salvia, go put that dinner away and get some rest.” She did as she was told and walked away. “Stay away from her until the others get here.”

    “Is she your daughter?” I asked. His reaction reminded me of how fathers usually act when someone is making a move on there daughters.

    “No, but she is under my care and when her ‘mother’ gets back you can find out from her if she wants you talking to her.” The way he said mother was odd. Like he meant her mother but he also didn’t. He walked back towards the female and lay next to her, watching me the entire time. I lay on the ground again…. having to wait once again, hoping it wouldn’t be long until I met the others.

    Ethric : The others got back. I coud see them waiting in the brush. I got up and asked Salvia to follow. I walked over to the wolf and told him come with me. Together the three of us walked over to the rest. I sat down in front of them all and explained the situation. Salvia ran over to Kala and placed herself next to her. Though it was nice to have her under my care, I know she prefered to be with Kala. After I finished, the wolf introduced himself as Marrok and that he had been traveling a long distance until he came across another pack. I guess we were the first ones. I didn't like his story very well and didn't trust him. I wasn't sure what the others thought but we were a new pack and none of us actually knew eachother and we did need more wolves. Figured it would be another male to join.

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    Post by Claire on Wed Apr 27, 2011 11:24 am

    Kala walked up to Marrok and began circling him, smelling and tasting the air for signs of distrust. She couldn't seem to tell that if he could be trusted, but she could tell he wasn't a spy from Damien's pack. "We do need all the wolves we can get, but the moment you so much as snap at one of my pack mates... I will rip your throat out. Just so that's clear." The main concern for her is that he wasn't trustworthy, and that he would hurt Salvia. She couldn't bear that thought, and she was slowly getting more fond of everyone, and they were under her care, just like Salvia. She would protect them with her life.

    Seeing that the isssue was solved, and he was welcomed, Kala called Ethric over. "First, I want to know how you did it. I've tried and failed to get her to pay attention to any of the lessons I've tried to teach. And Second, can you keep teaching her?"

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    Post by eseerrow on Wed Apr 27, 2011 2:02 pm

    Elemental Wolf (take 2) Marrok11

    It was quite easy to get into the pack and be accepted. There were very few of them and they needed a larger number. I was still suprised that this small group could cause this much trouble. Either way I still had to find out which of tehm had elemental pwoers and what kind. But first I had to gain actual trust. I looked at the group to asses the best way to do that. The beautiful wolf named Salvia looked like she was unable to handle herself alone. If she was to be in danger and I was to save her that would gain some trust, but taht would take setting up a senerio and also putting her in danger which I really didn't want to do yet. I over heard Ethric talking to the wolf who checked me out. I believed she was the Alpha. If I could get in a relationship with her, if she wasn't in one then that could be another way I could gain trust. She wasn't as beautiful as Salvia true but she had her own kind of beauty to her. She was in control, makes the choices. She knew what it ment to be punished for decisions. this would be my first choice to gain trust. Salvia would be my plan B. I have to admit I was not very suprised that the Alpha in this pack was a female. She aproached Ethric and said something to him that I didn't catch I moved slightly so I could hear better.

    "Nothing is impossible for a old wolf and yes I can continue teaching her."

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